About Us

About Us

Founded in 2009, Efficient Motor Freight, Inc is a trusted and competent trucking company providing exclusive range of transportation services to meet the unique needs of clients. Whether you got well-established route of clients having multiple loads to transport in multiple specified locations or a new client with minimal load, our company ensures that you get the best possible service at the most reasonable rates.

Here at Efficient Motor Freight, Inc. we adhere to our goal of providing customers with outstanding services at all times based on unrivalled expertise and professionalism. We have highly experienced staff to handle your needs and to ensure on time deliveries.

Our Guarantee

Since day one, our company remained consistent in terms of delivering comprehensive services focusing on shipping your freight load reliably and efficiently. Through the years, we have successfully developed a broad network of happy and satisfied customers.

With the highest quality of service we offer to all our valued clients, they keep calling us not for service failures but for more service requests. Efficient Motor Freight, Inc. is a company that stands for dedication and excellence.